A4 Panels

Convenience Advertising has pioneered the use of narrowcast communications, which involves the dissemination of strategically planned communications programs via the placement of A4 messages in venues such as public bathrooms, pubs/bars/hotels, sporting stadiums, sports clubs, shopping centres, medical centres and airports.

This allows for communications programs to be implemented by way of gender skew, demographic information, area, lifestyle and locus of risk and/or engagement.

All Convenience Advertising display points are set in A4 frames. The frames are located across several different locations within the bathroom environment including above hand dryers and urinals, on the inside of cubicle doors and in entry/exit locations.


  • Prime, high dwell time locations in the bathroom
  • Uncluttered environment, careful positioning of advertising frames
  • Vacuum-moulded, high quality frames
  • Fortnightly maintenance ensures advertising is kept to a high standard

Takeaway Cards

Takeaway cards provide the intended audience with a small pocket or wallet sized retrievable card which can be taken away and referred to at a later time to view and/or act on the information provided.

Takeaway cards offer campaign reporting and the target audience can keep or share pocket sized information that is semi-lasting from the advertising point.


  • Provide cards as website and contact details, redeemable vouchers, mail-in offers and hotline numbers
  • Takeaway card holders are re-stocked every fortnight
  • Reporting statistics are monitored and provided on the number of takeaway cards taken by patrons
  • Research has indicated that takeaway cards are often passed on to family and friends.
  • Provide details of where to request product samples
  • Used successfully by commercial and health campaigns, locally and nationally
  • Takeaway cards provide a discreet option for patrons to access, view and discuss information.
  • Production is low cost and provides an effective option to communicate with your audience

A4 frame with a takeaway card holder

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