About Us

We are an Australian owned company and have been committed to delivering effective narrowcast communications for over 30 years.

Our nationwide footprint has consistently grown to meet the needs of our clients, whilst remaining proactive towards changes in social trends and new technologies.

Established in 1984 by its founder David Stanley, Convenience Advertising is Australia’s largest bathroom media company. We have pioneered and perfected the use of narrowcast media. Our narrowcast media, involving the strategic placement of advertising messages in public bathrooms, allows advertisers to easily segment their market by venue-type, location, and gender, thus reducing their overall cost per thousand and allowing for a more direct and private communication. Our ad space has been utilised by world-renowned commercial brands and local, state and federal Governments as a critical vehicle for awareness of health issues and to influence positive behavioural change.

Over 100 independent evaluations have been conducted on campaigns using the Convenience Advertising narrowcast method. The evaluations have shown that strategically implemented and culturally relevant campaigns have the greatest cut-through, with unprompted recall rates exceeding 70 percent.

The Convenience Advertising head office is based in Melbourne, Australia, with state-wide offices held in Sydney, and Brisbane. We also have several international licenses and partners in Wellington, New Zealand, Moscow, Russia, Dublin, Ireland and California, United States.