Baby Boomers

Did you know the Local Government Areas of Brisbane (C), Gold Coast (C), Sunshine Coast (R), and Moreton Bay (R), account for the highest number of people aged 50 and over in Australia?

Generational targeted marketing has become increasingly popular with the rise of segmenting generational populations based on various demographic, geographic and psychographic factors.

People born between 1946 and 1964 are referred to as the “baby boomer” generation. As generations grow their needs, requirements and wants also change. Convenience Advertising can help you to reach this audience and engage with any number of specific generational target markets.

Audience Insights:

  • The highest density of people aged 50+ live in Queensland (according to the 2011 ABS Census data), followed by Canberra
  • They have most likely paid off their mortgage
  • The 65+ audience has started to retire from the workforce
  • Their kids have most likely moved out meaning they have more “me” and “us” time with their husband/wife/partner

Reaching Boomers:

A range of different venue categories such as shopping centres, pubs, yacht clubs, bowls and country clubs as well as neighbourhood shopping centres (for a 60-75 bracket) are ideal to reach the boomer audience. Convenience Advertising venue demographic profiling also captures the proportion of those aged 50+ in all venues, enhancing and refining the placement strategy.

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