Convenience Connect suite of Engagement Tools

Convenience Connect is our dynamic digital suite of engagement tools which utilise the latest in mobile technology to enhance message delivery and consumer engagement.
In combination with out of home advertising, mobile marketing is a capable and key communications channel option which targets audiences on the go. Convenience Connect provides a range of unique digital options to engage customers with rich content directly via:

Near Field Communication (NFC)
QR Code
Takeaway Cards

Convenience Connect provides opportunities for measurable, creative, fun and personalised campaigns, which promote goods, services and ideas.

SMS Features and Benefits

Interactive SMS services allow you to set up an automated communication channel via text messages between yourself and your consumer target group.
A call to action requests the recipient send an SMS text of a designated keyword from their mobile phone to a specific contact number, which in turn activates their inclusion in the SMS marketing campaign.

QR Code features & Benefits

QR Codes are a barcode which can be read by mobile devices. The barcode can store website URLs, plain text, phone numbers, email addresses and more.
QR Codes require the phone user to download a QR reader to access the content programmed for each code. Programming of the QR code can be used to collect data on gender and location.

NFC Features & Benefits

NFC is a form of contact-less communication between devices, used primarily for payments using microchipped credit cards via payment devices and android smartphones.
NFC or, Tap & Go Technology allows a person to engage with advertising by simply tapping their NFC enabled phone at the display point. Detailed data such as the time of day, location, venue type, gender, and number of taps can be collected.

Takeaway Cards Features & Benefits

Takeaway cards are an excellent way for the target audience to take-away information to be referred to at a later point in time.
Takeaway cards are regularly topped up throughout a campaign by maintenance officers whom measure and report on the takeaway card campaign uptake and engagement during regular maintenance cycles.

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