Frequent Flyers and Holidaymakers

Two distinct audiences travel through Australia’s major airports: frequent flyers (mainly business-people) and holidaymakers, making up 1.35 million passenger trips each week.

Convenience Advertising can reach travellers in airports in Australia’s leading capital city airports and major regional airports. With a number of contracted venues and display points at airports across Australia, Convenience Advertising can help you to reach a captive audience on the go.

Audience Insights:

  • Frequent Flyers have a high disposable income, spent on fine dining, holidays and other luxury. This include white collar workers in Australia’s capital cities and high-income blue collar workers in select regional airports such as Kalgoorlie, Broome, Mt Isa, Townsville etc
  • Holidaymakers are in a relaxed environment, ensuring the messages in the captive bathroom environment will be absorbed at a higher rate

Reaching Frequent Flyers and Holidaymakers:

More than 40 airport terminals nationally including major and regional airports.

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