Parents with Children Aged 0-3

Parents with children aged 0-3 are the key demographic for several FMCG brands including household cleaning and baby care brands.

Audience Insights;

  • Most mothers will be full-time parents or working part-time, meaning time spent caring for their child(ren) is significant
  • Therefore time spent at home or in relevant venues such as shopping centres and maternal child health centres is also high
  • Key decisions for mothers with young children visiting a shopping centre include safety and cleanliness
  • Mothers with young children are the key household purchasing decision-makers. Approximately 80% of all household purchases are made by women.

Reaching Parents with Children Aged 0-3
This audience can be cost-effectively reached across the private, clutter-free, quiet environment of parent rooms. Parents room networks across shopping centres, airports and maternal child health centres, provide opportunities for baby and child care product categories and other public health related messages. 

Parent Room Network

Focus in on your target market by accessing a network of over 280 parent’s room across our shopping centre and Airport network. Reach a captive audience made up of parents and carers with children.

Benefits or advertising in Parents Rooms;

  • Reach parents and carers
  • Metro and regional coverage
  • Proximity to point of purchase
  • Captive audience inside a quiet and uninterrupted area
  • High-traffic venues
  • Reach family household primary decision makers

Our breadth of venues can help you to maximise appeal and responses to your messages by promoting products, services and calls to action.

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