Shopping Centres

Reach your captive audience across more than 180 premium and neighbourhood shopping centres. We can help you engage your target audience through our shopping centre network of advertising display points.

Our network of shopping centres collectively reach more than 67 million shopper visits per month and can target gender specific audience groups in in a private, clutter and distraction free environment.


  • 180+ shopping centres nationwide
  • Cost effective
  • Gender specific
  • Captive audience inside bathrooms
  • High frequency and exposure
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Key Metropolitan and regional coverage
  • Proximity to point of purchase
  • Parent’s rooms
  • High-traffic venues
  • Exclusivity of your brand and offering
  • Access over 100 parents rooms

Shopping centre advertising opportunities can help you to maximise appeal and responses to your messages by promoting products, services and calls to action. Contact us to learn more.