Tertiary Students

Convenience Advertising connects with an estimated 500,000 students enrolled in its 50+ tertiary campuses nationally.


Audience Insights:

  • Tertiary students are predominately 18-24 years old, although 34% of tertiary students are aged 25-29 years.
  • They are an educated audience with high literacy levels
  • They¬†will make decisions that many keep through their life including their banking, media telecoms etc
  • Tertiary students are tech-savvy and outgoing, spending a significant amount of time with friends socialising when they are not on campus
  • They have a disposable income and love to spend on dining and going out (licensed venues, festivals, sporting events etc), clothing, and technology

Reaching Students:

As Australian students garner more information and connect more from mobile devices, laptops/tablets, Convenience Advertising offers a range of smart phone and mobile interactivity technology which can be used in conjunction with any advertising campaign. Our breadth of universities, TAFE colleges as well as our bars, nightclubs and pubs will effectively reach this audience with impact.

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