“Convenience Advertising have been integral to building awareness of elder abuse within the Queensland Community. As part of our media mix we’ve been able to target our messages to the right audience in a discreet and safe environment.

Our placements have also extended our campaign reach into regional Queensland. We’ve been able to target our creative by gender and age hot spots throughout Queensland, which means our traditional media spend is as targeted as our digital.”

Meredith Bray

Principal Advisor, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services Queensland

“After almost a decade of working closely with Convenience Advertising, it would be inconceivable for us to develop a new campaign without their involvement from the outset. With our campaigns directed at a changing traveller’s market, Convenience Advertising has consistently offered us premium sites and creative solutions.” “The partnership between WAAC and Convenience Advertising, over 8 years, has provided WAAC with the ideal vehicle to talk to a particularly hard-to-reach, but very important, demographic. As a non-profit entity, any advertising we consider must provide value for money and the reach Convenience Advertising can offer for the investment is outstanding.”

Andrew Burry

CEO, WA AIDS Council

“Eating Disorders Victoria has had wonderful support from Convenience Advertising in the past with two campaigns, one funded by the City of Yarra in 2010, and the other funded by the City of Ballarat in early 2012 which continues to run. Convenience Advertising is a way for EDV to reach areas of the community that may otherwise be unaware of the organization and the support it can offer them. EDV’s current budget restraints mean that we have no paid advertising opportunities and we rely heavily on the generosity of organizations such as Convenience Advertising for support. Having posters and business cards available in high traffic areas of the general population, results in the awareness of both EDV and eating disorders in general being raised. Feedback from many of EDV’s service users and clients, indicates that they had little knowledge of eating disorders and the support services offered by EDV before being personally touched by an eating disorder. The placement of Convenience Advertising gives EDV the opportunity to raise awareness of its services and to promote early intervention and prevention of eating disorders. It also raises awareness of how common yet misunderstood eating disorders are, due to the stigma and shame attached to the illness. During the period of 2009-2010, when the advertisements were first placed in the City of Yarra area, EDV received an increase of 12.5% of contacts to the Eating Disorders Helpline. While EDV cannot attribute all of the increase to Convenience Advertising, given EDV had no other external advertising, EDV certainly believes the Convenience Advertising has been effective in raising awareness of the organization.”

Natalie Wild

Recovery Support Officer, Eating Disorders Victoria

“Whilst we regularly advertise our brands using multiple mediums, we haven’t really done much event based advertising. Conads alerted us to an interesting opportunity with the New Years Eve Sensations Party at Telstra Dome and they encouraged us to try something new. We took their advice and couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. We got great brand exposure and as it turned out, for longer than we anticipated”

Richard Arbon

Sales and Marketing Director, Cottons Pty Ltd

We are excited to welcome our new media partnership with Convenience Advertising. As a valued advertising platform, Convenience Advertising will provide strategic reach of the student population at Sydney University via its trusted and established narrowcast model.

Scott Meehan

Sales and Sponsorship Manager, University of Sydney Union

“Our organisation, No To Violence inc. Men’s Referral Service (NTV/MRS), has been operational for over 25 years. We specialise in telephone counselling, men’s behaviour change program referrals and workforce development.

Over the past 25 years we’ve trialled and tested many ways of advertising and publicising the work we do, and why we do it. It wasn’t until we engaged with Convenience Advertising (2014) that we saw a huge shift in the general publics’ understanding of our service provision.

Without Convenience Advertising’s unwavering commitment to narrowcasting and networking, we wouldn’t have launched two successful advertising campaigns in New South Wales (NSW) and Tasmania. For instance, post-campaign in NSW, we saw a 200% increase in calls to our Men’s Referral service!

In our 25 years of operating we’ve genuinely never seen anything like this. We’re now in the midst of our second campaign and we’re already seeing a spike in calls to our phone service. The more men we can engage, the better. We highly recommend Convenience Advertising!”

Camille Gierck

Communications Officer, No To Violence / Men's Referral Service

“Convenience Advertising provided us with a comprehensive, non-judgemental, targeted social marketing campaign that informed not only the general public but also public drinkers about the negative impact of their behaviour, and the potential for receiving a substantial fine.A range of messages were developed and effectively reached local residents and visitors, initially in Noble Park’s shopping zones, through strategic positioning of variously-sized street-pole signs, posters, stickers for alcohol products, and footpath stencils. The ‘messages’ were, and continue to be, clearly understood by the community as the City has a very high level of cultural diversity and their pictorial basis has proved more inclusive than traditional media options. Convenience Advertising’s experience and consultative approach to assessing both its client and target audience/s needs, has proved invaluable in the design, planning, implementation and management of this initiative. Another welcome component of the campaign was the independent, rigorous evaluation and reporting model that has informed Council planning. Since the original Noble Park pilot project was undertaken and positively evaluated, the success and flexibility of the campaign has led to its implementation in Central Dandenong, and it will now also be placed into smaller strip shopping precincts.”

Dona Macik

Community Safety & Wellbeing Officer, City of Greater Dandenong

“I’d like to thank you for the installation of the JuJu ads. I saw them in person in the Perth airport and though they looked great. We continued to see a steady increase in both website traffic and sales over the Dec/Jan period during the campaign whereas last year this was a quiet time for us. We are still receiving orders over a month later stating the source as the airport ads so we are still realizing the benefits of this ConAds campaign which have clearly raised product and brand awareness.”

Brenda Tootell

Founder, JuJu

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon and Shivani from Convenience Advertising for the past 6 months on our first convenience advertising campaign. The service I have received from the ladies has always been delivered professionally and efficiently.The ongoing communication including our monthly face to face meetings, emails and telephone calls have been outstanding. Their methodical reporting and explanation on their business has been brilliant. I highly recommend Convenience Advertising to any business looking at advertising through this medium.”

Tracy Hogan

Marketing Department, Corporate Protection Australia Group