Young Independents

Young independents, or the 18-24 year old age group, have become a disenfranchised audience when it comes to media consumption. With new technology and social media disrupting the media landscape, young independents are spending less time on traditional media and more time consuming information online and via their smartphones.

Audience Insights:

  • Socially, young independents are found at pubs, bars and nightclubs, shopping centres, universities and TAFE colleges as well as festivals, and concerts.
  • Young independents have a high disposable income
  • They are the most socially active, spending most of their time outdoors and in venues.
  • They are trendsetters and the first to uptake new technology

Reaching Young Independents:

Convenience Connect employs the use of:

  • NFC tags
  • SMS and
  • QR codes

In the most socially relevant and demographically relevant venues including pubs, bars, nightclubs and shopping centres, Universities and TAFEs amongst other venues.

By employing the use of mobile interactivity technology across advertising campaigns you can directly engage and tap into the social trends, beliefs, attitudes and habits of young independent people and increase your audience uptake though interactive fun and unique personalised campaigns.

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